A book report on a thousand acres written by jane smiley

Most authors work chapter by chapter. She'd be the first to tell you that 'Moo,' her newest novel, was finished long before she put word to paper.

A book report on a thousand acres written by jane smiley

Book 1, Chapter 1 Larry Cook is a prominent Midwestern farmer with three daughters, Ginny the eldest, and the narrator of the novelRose, and Caroline, the youngest.

Ginny is married to Ty, a farmer, Rose is married to Pete, a musician from another state, and Caroline, the only one of the three daughters who attended college, is soon to be married to Frank. Rose has been in and out of the hospital for breast cancer treatment, and will have to go undergo regular tests for the rest of her life.

As he gets older, Larry comes up with a plan to avoid paying death taxes or property taxes on his land: When Larry announces his plan, Ginny and Rose are in favor of the idea, while Caroline is skeptical of it.

Larry, a drunk, taciturn man, spitefully tells Caroline to get out of his house. He cuts Caroline out of the will, leaving Rose and Ginny in control of his hugely valuable farmland.

Jess, the child of Harold and the brother of Loren Clark, is a magnetic, charismatic young man, who fled to Canada rather than fight in the Vietnam War.

He immediately charms Ginny. Ginny and Rose have big plans for their land; they want to convert it into a modern, up-to-date farm. Ginny and Rose take turns cooking meals for their aging father. As time goes on, though, Larry becomes increasingly morose, to the point where he ignores his children altogether.

Jess ingratiates himself with Ty, Pete, Rose, and Ginny, and before long the family has established a fun tradition: However, Ginny and Rose continue to worry about Larry, who increasingly keeps to himself and seems bitter at his children.

Larry drinks heavily, and on one occasion drives all the way to Des Moines and back. Jess takes long walks with Ginny, and Ginny finds herself falling in love with him. Ginny opens up to Jess about her inability to have children: The family learns that Larry has been in a car accident: After the accident, Larry becomes even more morose and unwilling to talk to his children.

Soon after the accident, Ginny finds herself fantasizing about Jess, and eventually they have sex. One night, Pete discovers that his pickup truck is missing, and deduces that Larry has driven off with it. He then stubbornly walks away from them, out into the rain.

Late that night, Rose opens up to Ginny about her past: Cook died, when Rose was a teenager, Larry raped her repeatedly. Jess becomes increasingly distant from Ginny, and Harold has a bad accident: Soon after, Rose and Ginny receive word that Larry with help from Caroline is suing them to reclaim his property.

Meanwhile, Ty discovers that Ginny had a miscarriage that she hid from him, and a distance grows between them. Soon after, Pete has a drunken argument with Harold Clark, drives off into the night, and ends up crashing into a pond and drowning.

In the following days, Ginny learns from Rose why Pete was arguing with Harold: The judge sides with Rose and Ginny: After the hearing, Ginny is afraid that her family has been torn apart forever. One day, years later, Ginny receives a visit from Ty, who, he explains, is moving to Texas.

Farming the land has been hard work, and the farm has fallen deep into debt. Ty comes to ask Ginny for a divorce, but she never explicitly agrees to it. Then, years later, Ginny learns that Rose is back in the hospital, very sick.

She visits Rose and learns that Rose will die of cancer soon. She does, however, tell Rose about her plan to poison her. Rose dies, leaving her property to Caroline and Ginny. Cite This Page Choose citation style: Retrieved September 26, Our Reading Guide for A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley includes a Book Club Discussion Guide, Book Review, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio.

Book 16 The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa Sweet easy read about a cat that travels with his owner to visit friends.

A book report on a thousand acres written by jane smiley

The reason for the journey unfolds over the story and it . Written by a native Hoosier, the novel centers on characters struggling to preserve their status during rapid industrialization between the Civil War and 20th century. IOWA: "A Thousand Acres. Welcome to the third thread of the 50 Book Challenge for this year.

A book report on a thousand acres written by jane smiley

The challenge is to read fifty books (or more!) in , though reading fifty i. A Thousand Acres Summary. Written in , A Thousand Acres is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by author Jane Smiley.

A film adaptation was released in starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Jessica Lange. Do you still pick up each new Jane Smiley novel and hope for another A Thousand Acres? And dream of being sucked into that emotional vortex of family life with its Shakespearean grandeur?

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