Characters of argumentative essay

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Characters of argumentative essay

Pay only for approved parts Good Topics for an Argumentative Essay Posted on February 26, by EssayShark By choosing good topics for an argumentative essayat first you should find out what an argumentative essay is and what writing tips are necessary to follow, or buy an essay at long last.

This essay presents the arguments with their supporting and opposing ideas. The writer should persuade the reader to adopt his or her point of view and behavior rules.

The distinctive characteristic of this type of essay is that the author needs to rebut the arguments of the opposite stance. What this means is that you need to elaborate what evidence the opposition has and find facts to refute it. Some students even think that this type of paper is the most difficult.

One thing you need to remember is that planning can ease this process a lot. The first step of writing the paper is selecting the topic. Sometimes this step can take even twenty percent of the entire work time.

We decided to make this easier for you and have gathered issues in one list which you will see below.

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Hopefully, our topic ideas inspire you to write an A-level paper. Before moving to the list, we recommend that you get acquainted with these quick and useful tips.

Characters of argumentative essay

Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea? Is competition really good? Is religion the cause of war? Is fashion really important? Can smoking be prevented by making tobacco illegal?

Is a highly competitive environment good or bad for studying or working? Is it true that life years ago was easier? What are the drawbacks of a democratic political system?

Should working moms be given special privileges? Should there still be any quotas for accepting people from minorities? Is being fired a suitable punishment for cyberbullying?

Technology Are we too dependent on computers? Are cell phones really dangerous? Will we ever be able to stop using social media from our own free will? Can humanity get rid of the Internet and continue developing? Are reading ebooks worse than reading paper books? What are the drawbacks of online dating apps such as Tinder?

Should content on the Internet be more restricted?

Narrative essay: outline, format, structure, topics, examples

Will paper money be substituted by electronic money? Does a constant social media connection make people feel more lonely and stressed? Do technologies that ease housekeeping, such as a robotic vacuum cleaner, make people too idle? Who is responsible for the excessive amount of abusive language in comments under blogs and social media posts, videos, etc.

What is considered as superfluous usage of the Internet, and can it be counted as a form of addiction? Will the creation of artificial intelligence which can regulate itself lead to human extinction? Morality Should torture be acceptable? Do paparazzi violate the private lives of celebrities?

Is it fair that people with no special skills get famous and rich from social media? Is it a good idea to start a diary? Is it fair to control the time a teenager dedicates to playing computer games or using the Internet?

Should people help the poor?Warning: file_get_contents(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /srv/users/pearsonaviationmildura/apps/pearsonaviationmildura. Planning to write something funny? Check out our samples of funny persuasive and argumentative essay topics to get an idea on what to write about.

Marion Senior High. Mike Davidson, Principal Lori Bruce-Cutshaw, Assistant Principal Sallie Moss, Athletic Director. Stage Street Marion, VA The Crucible Argumentative Essay Goody Bondi ELA Task: Write a four paragraph essay including an introduction paragraph, two argumentation paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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