Chemical weapons during the vietnam war history essay

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Chemical weapons during the vietnam war history essay

Share via Email Hong Hanh is falling to pieces. She has been poisoned by the most toxic molecule known to science; it was sprayed during a prolonged military campaign. No redress has been offered, no compensation.

Chemical weapons

The superpower that spread the toxin has done nothing to combat the medical and environmental catastrophe that is overwhelming her country. This is not northern Iraq, where Saddam Hussein gassed 5, Kurds in Nor the trenches of first world war France.


Her declining half-life is spent unseen, in her home, an unremarkable concrete box in Ho Chi Minh City, filled with photographs, family plaques and yellow enamel stars, a place where the best is made of the worst.

Hong Hanh is both surprising and terrifying.

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She clatters around with disjointed spidery strides which leave her soaked in sweat. When she cannot stop crying, soothing creams and iodine are rubbed into her back, which is a lunar collage of septic blisters and scabs. What should we do? Their fingers and toes stick together before they drop off.

Their hands wear down to stumps. Every day they lose a little more skin. And this is not leprosy. The doctors say it is connected to American chemical weapons we were exposed to during the Vietnam war.

Anotherhave already died. The thread that weaves through all their case histories is defoliants deployed by the US military during the war. Some of the victims are veterans who were doused in these chemicals during the war, others are farmers who lived off land that was sprayed.

The second generation are the sons and daughters of war veterans, or children born to parents Chemical weapons during the vietnam war history essay lived on contaminated land. Now there is a third generation, the grandchildren of the war and its victims.

This is a chain of events bitterly denied by the US government. Millions of litres of defoliants such as Agent Orange were dropped on Vietnam, but US government scientists claimed that these chemicals were harmless to humans and short-lived in the environment. US strategists argue that Agent Orange was a prototype smart weapon, a benign tactical herbicide that saved many hundreds of thousands of American lives by denying the North Vietnamese army the jungle cover that allowed it ruthlessly to strike and feint.

Scott Ritter is arguably the most experienced American weapons inspector and in this interview with Dennis J. Bernstein he levels a frank assessment of U.S. government assertions about chemical. Nov 24,  · Chemical weapons didn’t suddenly appear in America’s Vietnam arsenal. In , in response to German gas attacks in World War I, the military created the Chemical . Lifting the Veil An Investigative History of the United States Pathocracy. Researched and Written by Timothy M. Silver “I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America.

New scientific research, however, confirms what the Vietnamese have been claiming for years. It also portrays the US government as one that has illicitly used weapons of mass destruction, stymied all independent efforts to assess the impact of their deployment, failed to acknowledge cold, hard evidence of maiming and slaughter, and pursued a policy of evasion and deception.

Teams of international scientists working in Vietnam have now discovered that Agent Orange contains one of the most virulent poisons known to man, a strain of dioxin called TCCD which, 28 years after the fighting ended, remains in the soil, continuing to destroy the lives of those exposed to it.

Evidence has also emerged that the US government not only knew that Agent Orange was contaminated, but was fully aware of the killing power of its contaminant dioxin, and yet still continued to use the herbicide in Vietnam for 10 years of the war and in concentrations that exceeded its own guidelines by 25 times.

As well as spraying the North Vietnamese, the US doused its own troops stationed in the jungle, rather than lose tactical advantage by having them withdraw. On February 5, addressing the UN Security Council, secretary of state Colin Powell, now famously, clutched between his fingers a tiny phial representing concentrated anthrax spores, enough to kill thousands, and only a tiny fraction of the amount he said Saddam Hussein had at his disposal.

Chemical weapons during the vietnam war history essay

The Vietnamese government has its own symbolic phial that it, too, flourishes, in scientific conferences that get little publicity. It contains 80g of TCCD, just enough of the super-toxin contained in Agent Orange to fill a child-size talcum powder container.

Chemical weapons during the vietnam war history essay

If dropped into the water supply of a city the size of New York, it would kill the entire population. He called on Americans to "bear the burden of a long twilight struggle Kennedy examined "tricks and gadgets" that might give the South an edge in the jungle, and in November sanctioned the use of defoliants in a covert operation code-named Ranch Hand, every mission flown signed off by the president himself and managed in Saigon by the secret Committee - the call sign for defoliating forests being "20" and for spraying fields "2".

Ngo Luc, 67, was serving with a North Vietnamese guerrilla unit in the Central Highlands when he saw planes circling overhead. We continued to crawl through the jungle.

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The next day the leaves wilted and within a week the jungle was bald. We felt just fine at the time. The US would target the Ho Chi Minh trail - Viet Cong supply lines made invisible by the jungle canopy along the border with Laos - as well as the heavily wooded Demilitarised Zone DMZ that separated the North from the South, and also the Mekong Delta, a maze of overgrown swamps and inlets that was a haven for communist insurgents.

A reporter for the St Louis Dispatch witnessed a secret spraying mission and wrote that the US was dropping "poison". Instead, William Bundy, a presidential adviser, flatly denied that the herbicide used by America was a chemical weapon, and blamed communist propagandists for a distortion of the facts about the Ranch Hand operation.Letters.

Vol. 36 No.

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9 · 8 May For a second time the LRB has aired Seymour Hersh’s highly shaky claim that the opposition was responsible for the chemical weapons attack on the Ghouta on 21 August (LRB, 17 April).Hersh provides only one source for the .

Scott Ritter is arguably the most experienced American weapons inspector and in this interview with Dennis J. Bernstein he levels a frank assessment of U.S. government assertions about chemical. Gulf War Illness: A look at the Veterans and the Issues.

Surrounding American and Allied Veterans. of The Gulf War. The intent of this packet is to make you aware of . Iraq used chemical weapons in Iran during the war in the s, and Iraq also used mustard gas and nerve agents against Kurdish residents of Halabja, in Northern Iraq, in The horrific pictures of Halabja victims shocked the world at the time of the negotiations .

Chemical weapons have been used throughout history, but in the Vietnam War they had a great impact. The chemical weapons use the toxic properties of chemical substances instead of explosive properties to produce physical or physiological effects on an enemy.

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