Conscience beowulf and powerful motivator

Therefore, most people would choose to follow their conscience, to do what is right, no matter what the outcome may be.

Conscience beowulf and powerful motivator

We have anonymized two real actual student submissions below and shared them in hopes of helping you improve on the SAT.

We have found that one of the best ways to prepare for the SAT essay is go through the excercise of reading through the essays of other real students.

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There are two parts to the excercise: This lets you get inside the head of a grader, and understand what the grader is looking for. The second part of the excercise is to notice and understand what makes a good essay good and a bad essay bad.

The following two example essays were in response to the following prompt actually given on an SAT, paraphrased: However, history gives us a lot of cases of people who gave up their own good for a cause or idea that they thought was more important than sometimes their own lives.

Concience -- the strong voice from within that tells us moral right from wrong -- can be a more compelling force than money, power, or fame. Is conscience a more powerful motivator than money, fame, or power? The First Essay While reading the essay, and before reading our answer, note the following: The essay scoring rubric is here.

Before reading onwards, make sure you do the excercise above to the most out of this. This is essay ended up receiving a six out of twelve.

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The main positive points was that it had mostly correct grammar and spelling. It also used examples that were well organized. A mandate, a command, by a philosopher Plato hardly proves that people actually are unselfish.

The example from The Shining of pathological psychology seems evasive of the main prompt, and psychopathy hardly seems to be proof that people act in accordance to their conciense. The Second Essay Again, while reading the essay, and before reading our answer, note the following: This is essay ended up receiving a twelve out of twelve, putting it in the top percentile of essays as scored by the SAT.

This essay has impeccable grammar, spelling, and is well organized. More than then first essay you saw, the examples here provided great justification for the main thesis.

The examples are incredibly relevant and signifcant. The diction is tight, and phrasing well-chosen -- for example "cloud judgment" and "silence the whisper of consience" are great creative uses of imagry.

Here are a few guides to help your thinking: Download it for free now:Conscience: Beowulf and Powerful Motivator Essay wealth, for power, or for fame. Yet history gives us many examples of individuals who have sacrificed their own welfare for a cause or a principle that they regarded as more important than their own lies.

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Essay on Conscience: Beowulf and Powerful Motivator important than their own lies. Conscience-that powerful inner voice that tells us what is right and what’s wrong-can be a more compelling force than money, power, or fame.

Nov 08,  · Epic heroes like Beowulf are characterized as much more dramatic and powerful than Hamlet. Beowulf fulfilled the definition of an epic hero, for he was "a brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements or affected by grand events".

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For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get . Sep 20,  · Best Answer: your feelings are the most powerful motivator, second comes thought. naturally your first feeling/thought is that you are good but if you come to see money, fame and power as bad those ideals will conflict with each Resolved.

Conscience beowulf and powerful motivator

The Hero and Villain Paradigm in The Shining - The Hero and Villain Paradigm in The Shining Kubrick’s film The Shining is a loose adaption of King’s novel with different implications and themes.

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