Debi alpers how lucky you are

You might have known him here as SantaDad. He took great delight in that nickname, which came from an early story about how confusing as a kid I found the pictures of my dad on a fire truck dressed as Santa Claus as a we are Jewish; and b everyone knows Santa Claus comes down a chimney, duh. My dad loved commenting here.

Debi alpers how lucky you are

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It was actually a very hard summer doing the dog shows without you. Your birthday last week was too quiet and empty. As you know, a couple of our friends have joined you up there, as have a couple of our favorite pups.

Life is not the same, and it is hard to find the joy. So I try to remember your laugh. When I can manage it, I'll find some of our videos. Keep a watch out, Debi. We had such a great time learning from her and I loved her laugh when she was watching puppies do something silly.

She has definitely made an impact on my life by encouraging us to be the best pup parents we can. Very thankful for her.

Traveling With Your Cat

From there it was the beginning of a fun friendship, complete with cake throwing fights at my graduation party at her house and never to be forgotten! She will be missed by the California crowd for sure, but always in our hearts.

Debi alpers how lucky you are

Prayers are with you Elissa and Karen This began a wonderful friendship and formed other friendships with those who loved drama as we did. We had many fun times together during HS and in our young adulthood before her move to Alaska. We chose the same career which we both loved.

Inmy husband and I got to spend time with Debi and her sisters during a trip to Alaska. It was very special and was as if we hadn't been apart all those years! Debi was a loving and generous person and I am privileged to have known her.

Keep on shining, Deb. KC Wilson Posted by: See you on the other side amidst a throng of joyful dogs. I had the fortune to have met her. Now, when I look at my dog Rosa, I remember the fun we had at Debbie's classes.If you are planning to stay in a hotel, check ahead of time to find out their pet policies.

Many hotels allow pets, but some will charge extra fees. Crate the cat. When traveling by car, you will probably want to keep your cat safely in her crate while moving. The Wilderness Answers – Watercolor Landscape. debiriley 03/06/ 03/06/ art, inspiration, nature, painting.

How lucky she is to have you for a teacher. A wonderful painting by Ann and a tribute to you as a great and inspiring teacher Debi; congratulations to you both. No wonder you are feeling so proud and fulfilled.

Take a moment today and see how lucky you really are. Be in gratitude for the wonderful gifts you have and share yourself others.

Who would trade places with you? I am sure some people in earthquake-ravaged Haiti think you have it all. How lucky you are that you have been able to experience so many wonderful places. I love Utah for that is always amazing things to do and see 🙂 Reply.

Debi Gutierrez ‏ @debiontheweb 10h Happy Veterans Day to ALL, in particular to the haters and losers who have no idea how lucky they are!!!

replies 2, retweets 5, likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Like. Liked. Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. Undo. Undo. The short story “How Lucky You Are” by Debi Alper published in , tells about a young boy who really couldn’t care less about his future and his responsibilities, and how he meets a cute Iranian girl he falls for and realizes how lucky he is and how unfortunate other people from around the world can be.

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