Election procedure in india essays

An Essay on Election Article shared by In a democratic country, the Government is in the hands of the elected representatives of the people.

Election procedure in india essays

Political leaders hold election meetings and rallies for informing the voters about their policies and persuading them to vote for them. The whole country in case of Lok Sabha elections and that particular state in the case of Legislative Assembly elections is divided into as many constituencies as there are seats.

Preparation of Voter's List: The voter's list of each constituency is prepared and published. The voter's list contains the names of all those who are eligible to vote. Filing of nomination papers: Any person with the necessary qualifications who wishes to contest elections has to file his nomination papers by the due date.

Every candidate has to deposit an amount as 'Security' along wit his nomination papers. Scrunity of nomination papers and withdrawals: The nomination papers are scrutinized and if the candidate papers are not in order, they are rejected.

Through election campaigns political parties and candidates 'reach out' to the voters with the hope of winning their votes.

Posters, pamphlets are printed nad distributed.

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Meetings are held and speeches delivered. Use of eltronic media like radio and television is also made by the political parties and candidates. Election campaigns take place for a two week period between the announcement of for a two-week period between the announcement of final list of candidates and the date of polling.

The final stage of an election is the day when voters caste their vote. Voters go to the polling booth and caste their votes for the candidate of their choice. Voting is held by secret ballot. These days eletronic voting machines are used for voting. Counting of votes and declaration of results: After the voting is over, the ballot boxes are sealed and taken to the counting centres.

Election procedure in india essays

Votes are counted under the supervision of the returning officers. The candidate who gets the highest number of votes is declared elected.Short Essay on Elections in India – Elections in India are a process by which the people of the country express their collective will.

People are the true sovereigns governing the country through their democratically elected representatives to Parliament and State legislatures besides other. Most important steps involved in election Procedure in India are: 1. Formation of Constituencies 2. Filling of Nominations 3.

Scrutiny of Nominations 4. Election Campaign 5. Polling Personnel and the Polling 6. Counting of Votes and Declaration of Results 7. Submission of Account Relating to. Composition and Functions of Election Commission of India.

Elections are an important part of democratic government. If the elections for electing the representatives are not fair and impartial, people lose faith in the entire democratic system.

The Election Commission of India is an autonomous entity prescribed in the Constitution of India. It is the federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes of India and ensuring they are . India has Three tier of schwenkreis.com following types of elections are held in India.

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1-General Elections-Lokshabha members are elected at union level through direct election. (but,Rajsabha members are indirectly elected by the MLA.).

The Election Commission of India is an autonomous entity prescribed in the Constitution of schwenkreis.com is the federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes of .

What is the Election Procedure in India?