Juliet mitchells application of psychoanalytic theory english literature essay

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Juliet mitchells application of psychoanalytic theory english literature essay

Juliet Mitchell and Psychoanalytic Feminism – Literary Theory and Criticism

Throughout his works he often quoted Shakespeare. Can psychoanalysis help us to understand the personality of the Bard himself? Three sources of information exist: In a memorandum to [Wilhelm] Fliess he commented: In another note to Fliess he wrote: In The Interpretation of Dreams he wrote: In the same note to Fliess referred to earlier, Freud said: By means of this fantasy [the writer] protected himself against the consequences of his experience.

In this study the eleven earliest plays, taken in chronological order, were treated as if they were the productions of a patient in analysis.

Introduction To The Organisational Behaviour Module Essay

The audience was viewed as participant-observer and transference object for the writer, its role resembling that of a therapist.

Each play was read and listened to, if recordedwith eye and ear attuned to its latent as well as its manifest content. Whatever Shakespeare had to say about psychology and mental illness was also carefully noted. I also proceeded on the assumption that Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him by his contemporaries.

Thus far I have found nothing in the plays to cause doubt that he did write them and many details to indicate that he did. I have also found that this approach to the subject tends to clear up some of the mysterious lacunae of knowledge that have fostered doubts as to the authorship.

His mother, Mary Arden, came from a well-to-do family of landed gentry and inherited money and property from her father. John prospered in business and took an active part in the town administration, becoming town councillor, treasurer, and alderman.

He submitted his application inwhen William was twelve. In September of that year something went wrong. He stopped attending town council meetings, although the other members apparently expected his return since they waited nine years before electing another alderman to replace him. After the family was also in some financial difficulty.

The Shakespeares were not impoverished, however, and retained possession of their three houses in Stratford. It has been suggested that John either sustained a serious business loss or that he was being harassed by the authorities because of his religious beliefs.

Evidence for either view is inconclusive and leading authorities remain uncommitted.

Juliet mitchells application of psychoanalytic theory english literature essay

One other possibility, based upon evidence in the plays, rather curiously does not seem to have been considered. Stratford records reveal that William was christened on April 26, He was the third child, the first two being girls who died before William was born.Accompanying the rise of psychoanalysis in the twentieth century, many modern critics have applied the methods of this field to literature, and quite fruitfully to the dramatic works of Shakespeare.

Explain how the types of perceptual constancy operate.? Q Discuss Freud's psychoanalytic theory, including levels of consciences and three structure of personality. Q Define attitude, its components and how attitudes are formed.?


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Romeo and Juliet was obviously not written to fit the psychoanalytic model, as the theories of Freud were not developed for centuries after Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote to Renaissance England, a culture so heavily steeped in Christianity, that it would have blushed at the .

Psychoanalytic theory, from Freud’s original ideas through Melanie Klein, Jacques Lacan and the ‘French feminists’ Luce Irigaray, Helene Cixous and Julia Kristeva, was a powerful source of intellectual influence for an important strand of the women’s liberation movement.

Juliet Mitchell: We were arguing that women w ere oppr essed by patriarchy, so let ’ s use a theory that is looking at patriarchy: if you are looking at patriarchy, you are looking at fathers.

Introduction To The Organisational Behaviour Module Essay