My esl classmate

Which one of the following questions you cannot answer? A What time does Tina get up on weekdays? B Which school subjects does Tina like? C What music types does Tina like?

My esl classmate

By using the same strategies and terminology as my mainstream colleagues, I could better support the reading instruction taking place in the general education classroom where many ELs spend most of their day. Making Connections Good readers make connections to their background knowledge.

My esl classmate

They activate their schema, which is the prior experience that students bring to the text they are reading. It is therefore important that teachers help ELs to relate their schema to the book they are reading. The goal during Reading Workshop is to help our students make the following connections: Making authentic connections to text helps ELs gain a more profound understanding of the content.

It is important that teachers model for ELs how a text connects to their own lives, another text, or the world.

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This connection allows ELs to share their unique schema with classmates. It is important to teach students the language of text-to-text connections. If we read about a hurricane in a 5th-grade ESL class, the students have the language to make the connection between the text that we are reading and extreme weather that has occurred in their own countries.

This is a powerful strategy for ELs because they are using their schema to contribute to the class discussions. Here is an example from students in my 2nd-grade classroom. They squirmed with excitement as they pointed out items of interest to their classmates.

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Junya stopped and studied a picture of a raccoon in a book about forest animals. They make big problem. Do you have anecdotes from your classroom that demonstrate how they are learning?My Classmate Josephine By Yesenia Perez Do you know my classmate Josephine?

She is the craziest girl I have ever met in my life. She is friendly and she’s pretty, She’s helpful and a nice person. Course: English as a Second Language ESL A, Condensed, Level 5, Section Description: Advanced English proficiency level in listening, speaking, reading, and writing to meet most life and work-related demands with minimal challenges.

The fact that I haven't been wrting in this blog for a while, doesn't mean that I lost insterest or gave up blogging. It's simply that I have been quite busy with my other blog in Spanish and other things.

For the past two years, I have been teaching beginners who couldn't understand grammar explanations in English. My class just wrote their exams yesterday and we have a field trip tomorrow, so I wanted to do something fun today.

They had a blast while sipping on Perrier and pretending they were at a fancy party. It was really exciting when one of the students figured it out at the end! Thanks a lot.

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this is a good material to teach english in my ESL. In October, he said, he enrolled in the ESL program, so that he can communicate more effectively with his colleagues at his company’s office in Montvale.

“My English became wider,” Seol said.

My esl classmate

ESL for Information Technology Winter Quarter, January 6, My Classmate, Carlos Palomino. Carlos Palomino is a new student in this class. Carlos is one of those students who is liked immediately for his simplicity and his friendly personality.

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