Pros and cons of typewriter and computers

Increases speed of computing and processing information in any other way. People can use sophisticated statistical and mathematical tools for decision making and further purposes without learning in details the algorithms used for computing.

Pros and cons of typewriter and computers

In the 21st century, the century of technology most of the people have a computer as a good friend, but is it good friend or not??? Advantages — Disadvantages of Internet Impact of Computer on Society In the world of technology, computer is useful to done a work easily, smoothly, fast.

Computer has made an impact on society. It has change the angle of life. The use of computer technology has affected every part of life. People are using a computer to perform a different task easier. A big advantage of computer is save times and effort and reduces the overall cost to complete a particular task.

Advantages Of Computers Computers are not only use for personal purpose that is mostly use in the organizations. They are use computers for records data of their customers.

Bank is using computers for maintaining accounts and managing financial transactions.

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They are providing facilities of online banking; customer can check their account balance from using the internet. Different task are performed automatically by using computers. Its reduce the needs of people. Due to that unemployment in society increases that is the big disadvantages of computers.

Getting a information very easily by using of a computer. Disadvantages Of Computers The use of computer puts a world at a different height. But every coin have a two side, in that way use of computer has a some advantages of the computer and also a some computers disadvantages.

Financial difficulties may make it difficult for some students to access important coursework, while other students may use computers to play game or chat.

Pros and cons of typewriter and computers

Students replace a paper and pen with a computer for education, handwriting skills may suffer. Learners benefits from increased brain activities when writing new information by hand, particularly in subjects such as math and chemistry.

Most computer programs include a spelling and grammar check, and students might depend on the computer to correct spelling and grammatical errors. Many people using computer for negative purpose.

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These are main computers disadvantages. They play games and chat for long period of time. That causes wastage of time and energy. Young generation is now sending a more time on the social sites like facebook, twitter etc. That is also affecting on a social life.

Main disadvantages of the computer uses are increase unemployment in societies. People use the computer for negative activities.Cons – it’s much less efficient Of course, the main drawback to using a typewriter is the fact that it’s not particularly efficient.

There are so many advantages to using a computer, but they all come down to the major reason – efficiency. Pros and Cons. What are the advantages and disadvantages of typewriters?

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Update Cancel. ad by Zoho. I personally prefer typewriters over computers, for many reasons. The first, I think, is the fact that typewriters offer distraction-free writing. “What are the advantages and disadvantages of .

Pros and Cons Of Computer. It is better to decide a difference between enemies and friend, for one of our friend will certainly become an today we have listed major advantages of computer and disadvantages of the computers.

In the 21 st century, the century of technology most of the people have a computer as a good friend, but is it good friend or not??? Typewriter Pros and Cons. Typewriters are very economical when it comes to pricing and it doesn't require much maintenance.

But it does have some drawbacks, most notable its noise. Pros and Cons of Computers in Kindergarten Research Essay Assignment Pros and cons of using computers in kindergarten classrooms Having computers in kindergarten classrooms could improve the level of instruction and can address long-term success in schools.

I'm still using a manual typewriter on a daily basis (in addition to the PC). Apart from the nostalgic value, the hipster snob appeal, the finger muscle workouts, etc, there are some pros & cons: Pros Very quick for short notes, index cards, &c.

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