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Kotarou's friend Kotori Kanbe suggests he seeks help from the "School Witch" and president of the occult research society, but they find the club room empty, so Kotarou leaves a note to get in touch with her. Returning to the club room later, Kotarou finds a questionnaire which he fills out. He later gets a text from the witch telling him to go to school at midnight, but he encounters the girl with the red ribbons and runs away from her, inadvertently stepping into a different dimension.

Rewrite anime 2014-2015


The discussion page may contain suggestions. October The Twelve Kingdoms is a series of novels that focus on a world inspired by Chinese mythology, where twelve different kingdoms exist under the rule of an individual chosen by the Tians. The series does not exclusively focus on one character, though the stories of Youko Nakajima, the protagonist of the first novel, and Taiki, the protagonist of the second book, are most prevalent in the series.

List of Twelve Kingdoms characters One of the major stories of the series centers around a red-haired girl named Youko Nakajima from Japan who is suddenly transported to the world of the Twelve Kingdoms and searches for her destiny.

However, neither the series nor the anime concentrates solely on Youko and they do tell stories of other characters. The anime uses Youko as a framing device for telling other stories while the novels do not.

The novels focus on several characters other than Youko, including Taiki, a timid rare black Kirin who serves the ruler of Tai, and Enki and Shouryuu, the Kirin and King of En respectively.

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Each of the Twelve Kingdoms has a monarch and a kirin, a mythological beast who first selects and then serves the monarch of his or her kingdom and can assume human form. Though only a few rulers and Kirin are in the main focus of the story, many are encountered in the series and play a significant role.

Setting[ edit ] The Twelve Kingdoms tells several stories from the world of the Twelve Kingdoms, located on several islands in another dimension accessible from our world through portals created from naturally-occurring magic though the other way around is normally impossible.

On the islands, magic works and societies similar to classical Japan and China exist. While the inhabitants of the kingdoms are aware of the existence of our world as the lands of Hourai Japan and Kunlun Chinathe reverse is not true for the inhabitants of Hourai and Kunlun.

The inhabitants of the kingdoms speak a different language than the languages of our world, both of which can be learned by either side.

Only through extraordinary circumstances can the two worlds affect each other to a respective certain extent. In this world, there are a total of thirteen lands.

At the center of the world lies the Koukai the Yellow Sea and Five Mountains where the Gods communicate their will to the Twelve Kingdoms of the world.

The ruler will have immortal life as long as they keep the kingdom healthy and their heads are not severed from their body. The Koukai, known as the Yellow Seais surrounded by four inland seas: Five Mountains - A group of mountains that is located on an island in the center of the Yellow Sea.

Mount Ka - A mountain in the western part of the Four Mountains, it is said to be the residence of Seioubo. Mount Kaku - A mountain in the southern part of the Five Mountains.

Mount Kou - A mountain the northern part of the Five Mountains. It is said to be a good place to hunt for Youjyuu.

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Suukou - The highest of the Five Mountains which is said to be where Tentei resides. Kongou Mountains - A series of mountain ranges that surrounds the Yellow Sea and separates it from the other four inland seas.

rewrite anime 2014-2015

Each of its four ranges is between the four major gates. A shoku is the only way to cross the Kyokai. Kyokai separates the outer kingdoms of Hou, Ren, Shun, and Tai from the eight mainland kingdoms.

Twelve Kingdoms[ edit ] Map of the Twelve Kingdoms. En - The Kingdom of En is a flourishing kingdom of the Twelve Kingdoms that is between Kei and Ryuu and is one of the four "middle" kingdoms.

It is ruled by Shoryu who has reigned for years. Han - The Kingdom of Han is the westernmost kingdom which is known for its artisans and craftsman. It is ruled by Ranjou. Hou - The Kingdom of Hou is the northwestern outland kingdom that is separated from the eight mainland kingdoms by the Kyokai.

It was ruled by Chuutatsu until he was killed by Gekkei. It is ruled by Youko Nakajima. Kou - The Kingdom of Kou is the first kingdom that Youko Nakajima sets foot in and is one of the four "middle" kingdoms.

It was formerly ruled by the unnamed King of Kou. It is ruled by Shushou. Ren - The Kingdom of Ren is the southwestern outland kingdom that is separated from the eight mainland kingdoms by the Kyokai.

It is currently ruled by Seitaku. It is currently ruled by Rohou.As Kotarou unveils hidden secrets of each member of the Occult Club through their shared adventures, he will inevitably encounter a fate that only he might be able to rewrite.

chamaku Movie Tags: anime, anime free, animehd47, animehdcom, Rewrite, Rewrite engdub, Rewrite engsub. Description of Rewrite The action of the original game takes place in a fictional Japanese city Kadzamatsuri, remarkable for its rich protagonist and his friends from the community occult studies in secondary school Kadzamatsuri, and often spend time in the room, social club.

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rewrite anime 2014-2015

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