Sandalwood plantation business plan

In sandalwood tree cultivation sowing mainly done by the seeds. When sandalwood tree plants are 15 to 20 years old then in August to march you can collect the seeds from the sandalwood. The collected seeds are well-treated and dried in sunlight before seminate on nursery beds. There are two types of seed beds are available in the nursery for the sowing sandalwood seeds.

Sandalwood plantation business plan

It can also be raised along with agricultural crops at a spacing of 4m x 4m or 5m x 1m. Mark the areas for pit digging by alignment and staking. Refill the soil after seasoning and mixing with Farm Yard Manure and insecticides.

On poor gravely sites, replace the pit soil by good soil. Weeding may be carried out 3 operations in the first year, 2 operations in second year and one operation in the third year.

Study has revealed that, irrigation during stress period boosts the growth of the plants. Irrigation should be followed by weeding 3,2,1 and adequate soil working.

By increasing the inputs of irrigation and frequent thinning Irrigation: By increasing the inputs of irrigation and frequent thinning, it is possible to increase the rate of diameter growth.

The increase in diameter growth is, however, dependent on increasing the size of the crown i. In other words, one can have either lesser no. It has been observed that teak trees grown under irrigated condition grew faster. Per acre you need minimum to clones approximately.

sandalwood plantation business plan

The present market rate is Rs to metric ton. It can be planted on agricultural lands both as monoculture and as a component of agro-forestry programmes. One of the principal factors for its widespread introduction is the ease of cultivation.

Besides this, good germination and its adaptability to varying soil and climatic conditions are the other important characteristics of Euca. Growth Habit Eucalyptus trees are generally ever green trees, new leaves appear as the old ones are shed.

It has no well defined season of growth and continue to grow in all seasons. It attains a height of about 30 mts and more with a straight clean bole.

They have the ability to colonize bare ground without shelter. Some of the species occurring in extremely dry areas are no higher than shrubs.

The shrubs namely, E.The surrounding have living sandalwood trees aged years in the surroundings proving its capability to cultivate Sandalwood. Mortality/Failure %: Siri Agri Group considers this factor as the most important factor in which the company expertises.

Partner Organisations. The plantation sandalwood industry development plan, current. Funding the ASN Business Plan Forest Products Commission For their valued involvement in the plantation sandalwood industry development plan, and in providing technical support and research updates.

with their whole farm business (crops, livestock production and sandalwood). establish a sandalwood plantation. A clear fire management plan should be developed (preferably a written plan or at least an aerial photo with annotation) for all proposed plantations, of any size, and reviewed each year.

In addition to firebreaks, a plan. Sandalwood has become extremely scarce due to idiotic policies of past goverments. Today its a mafia biz.

In parts of chickmagalore district the mafia marks a notch on promising sandalwood trees and owners of the tree face threats if they touch it after the notch is made. The document, which the ABC has seen, details a tripling of size of the Tropical Forestry Services [TFS] sandalwood plantation, which currently has 4, hectares of land for sandalwood in the.

Sandalwood (Chandan) saplings & Seeds, Medicinal Plant, & other Valuable Tree Plantations and Guidance for Project Feasibility, Govt.

Subsidy, Bank Finance COSTING AND PROFIT Sandalwood is a semi root Parasite Plant.

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