Sonnys blues thesis statement

Speaking through the elder brother of the afflicted genius, Sonny, Baldwin proffers a personal philosophy which suggests that while human experiences are often the same--be they ones of despair or hope--they are made uniquely real by the power of their expression in communication with others, be it through conversation or, as in the case of young Sonny and his older brother, through music i. Baldwin's short story of reconciliation between two, formerly estranged brothers is thus a fitting declaration of victory over the pain of human suffering that demonstrates the religious power of art to express the deepest of human emotions, to indeed serve as a means to "tell the tale of how we suffer and how we are delgithed and how we may triumph," which, though never new, "must always be heard" if we are to survive Baldwin In "Sonny's Blues," it is through the character of Sonny and his love for music that the narrator's own story of suffering is expressed in a way that brings him and us into a better, more empathetic, understanding of Sonny's story of struggle and triumph. First developing paragraph 2nd in all with some summary: Ironically enough, Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues" is less about Sonny than it is about Sonny's older brother who, again, is responsible for telling Sonny's tale.

Sonnys blues thesis statement

Buy Study Guide Art Art plays an important role in " Sonny's Blues ", acting as a bridge between the estranged brothers. Sonny 's inability to speak and the narrator 's inability to listen prevent the brothers from truly communicating with or understanding one another throughout their lives.

Music becomes a channel through which Sonny can make himself understood. Witnessing the music of the street revival brings the brothers closer, prompting their first honest conversation in the work. More remarkably, at the climax, Sonny's music helps the narrator finally understand his life and trials.

The connection art facilitates becomes the catalyst for a genuine epiphany in the narrator.

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As one critic explains, "By understanding Sonny's pain and accepting his humanity, his brother understands and accepts himself" Nelson Art then functions as a means not only for communication, but ultimately for redemption.

Baldwin's commentary about the importance of stories suggests that writing, like music and other forms of art, serves this purpose. Suffering Suffering is a constant presence in "Sonny's Blues. Suffering is, as Sonny passionately argues, inescapable. This suffering is symbolized throughout the work by darkness, which encroaches upon the lives of the narrator's family and community, something to be borne and endured.

Sonny explains that his heroin usage is an attempt to cope with suffering that would otherwise paralyze him. Yet suffering, for all the pain it causes, is essential to both art and redemption.

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Sonny comments on "how much suffering [the revival singer] must have had to go through" in order to sing so beautifully One can imagine that Sonny's music comes from similarly dark experiences. Suffering and darkness, if used creatively, can produce works of unparalleled beauty.

Suffering also confers the ability to understand and feel true compassion for others, which is essential for redemption. Indeed, it isn't until the painful death of his daughter that the narrator begins to walk down a path that leads to his salvation.

Racism and Segregation Racism is the dark undercurrent that flows through "Sonny's Blues". It is rarely referenced directly but its pull can be felt continuously. For example, Baldwin mentions decrepit housing projects that rise out of Harlem like "rocks in the middle of the boiling sea" The result of local and federal segregationist housing policies, the projects represent the impact of racism on a down-trodden community.

Likewise, much of the narrator's anxiety on behalf of his students can be attributed to the fact that they, like Sonny, are young African American men living in a system that ruthlessly and endlessly discriminates against them.

Much of the darkness and suffering in the story referred to can be attributed to the effects of racism; the narrator speaks of suffering as something inherited from one generation to the next in the African American community. The constant and vague influence of racism finally becomes explicit and clear when the narrator's mother explains how drunken white men murdered her brother-in-law.

Sonnys blues thesis statement

She warns the narrator that a similar fate could befall Sonny, demonstrating her concern that racism is still a very real threat to the family.Thesis statement examples for sonny's blues - Thesis analytical essay.

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"Sonny's Blues," by James Baldwin.

Sonny’s Blues of Hatred, Misery and Love. The story Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin () explores the theme of suffering experienced by Black Americans as individuals fettered by discrimination, unemployment, housing problems, drug addiction, imprisonment, and suicide.

It features the struggle of two brothers separated and caught in the entanglements of time, space, and ideals. Sep 23,  · Yesterday's Blues: Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues" and the Restorative Power of Music (a relatively clever title) Thesis paragraph: Towards the end of James Baldwin's short story of interpersonal healing, "Sonny's Blues," the narrator tells us, "For while the tale of how we suffer and how we are delighted and how we may trimph is never new, it always must be heard" (51).Author: Rob Peach.

Sonny’s Blues Literary Analysis -Essay. C. Thesis Statement- By the time the story ends the narrator and his brother had the capability of forming a good brotherly relationship that they could not have formed at the beginning. II. Symbolism A. Blues and jazz music is . Thesis Statement a: "Sonny's Blues" describes the almost impossible task of growing up as a black male in Harlem in the 's and 's.

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