The surplus

When Michael opens up the floor for suggestions, factions break out and officemates square off against one another in order to get what they want. Oscar suggests that they replace the copier while Pam Jenna Fischer suggests they buy new chairs and Toby Paul Lieberstein suggests that they get the air quality in the office tested saying that there is radon coming from downstairs and asbestos coming from the ceiling. Jim John Krasinski takes Oscar's side, much to Pam's shock, because he started making copies himself since he and Pam started dating asking Pam to make copies makes him feel awkward and knows how bad the copier is, while the rest of the employees side with Pam.

The surplus

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The surplus

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The surplus

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Call An example of consumer surplus in business and the global economy is oil prices - as the price per barrel drops below what the consumer is used to paying, the consumer .

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