Thesis statement about family loyalty

Congress over the allegations relating to what has been called Russiagate.

Thesis statement about family loyalty

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He was known to cheat at cards. Lake, Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal, copyright One was his courage; he was afraid of nothing on Earth. The second was the one commendable principal in his code of life, sterling loyalty to friends.

The third was his affection for Wyatt Earp. What hasn't been said about John Henry "Doc" Holliday? Depending on your point of view, whether you see the man as unjustly maligned or just getting his comeuppance, either too much or not enough.

Was he good, bad or perhaps something in between, something more human? Let's take a look and hopefully along the way set the record just a bit straighter.

Thesis statement about family loyalty

Even Doc's best friend, Wyatt Earp, got Holliday's state of birth wrong. In a eulogy written in Wyatt states, "He was a Virginian, but preferred to be a frontiersman and a vagabond.

That stone was replaced on October 17th, by a monument more suited to the era in which Doc lived and died and which, thankfully, corrects the error of his birth date. John Henry was born with a serious birth defect, a cleft palate.

His mother, Alice, using a spoon, an eye-dropper and a small cup fed her newly born child who could not nurse due to the nature of his defect. Doc's uncle, Doctor John Stiles Holliday, operated on the infant and repaired the cleft palate.

In his honor the baby was named John with his father's name, Henry, secondary. In all probability, John Henry retained a slight speech impediment due to the cleft palate.

His only sibling, a sister named Martha Eleanora Holliday, was born December 3rd, and died a scant six months later. As mentioned, Doc's sister died as an infant. Therefore any mention of Holliday leaving his pistols to a nephew upon his death, a story repeated many times in print, is totally erroneous.

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Sadly, in all likelihood he contracted the fatal disease from her. Doc's father, Henry Burroughs Holliday, served in the George Volunteer Infantry as assistant quartermaster of the Twenty-seventh Regiment during the War Between the States, attaining the rank of major.

Reports that a youthful John Henry killed anywhere from one to six black children he caught frolicking in the family swimming hole in Georgia is without merit. He did, however, shoot over the boys' heads. Through the years this relatively minor incident has been blown way out of proportion. Sophie Walton, a young mulatto woman, a retainer in the household of John Stiles Holliday, taught Doc how to play cards.

Among the games Sophie taught to John Henry and his cousins was "Skinning," the original rules of which were adapted from faro!

Thesis statement about family loyalty

It seems young John Henry was quite adept at this - a portent of things to come? Doc was a dentist, not a physician as portrayed in more than one Hollywood film.

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Do Christians REALLY Believe? If you think about the time period, a subject's duty to his king, especially one that has just honored him, Macbeth's treatment of Duncan isn't just a murder, it is an extreme betrayal. Also considering that Macbeth was Duncan's host, someone who was supposed to protect him, there is definitely a lot to be explored here.
Thesis Paper on the Key to Successful Operation of Hotels - Assignment Point These thesis statements offer a short summary of Hamlet in terms of different elements that could be important in an essay. You are, of course, free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them for your essay.

Lake, Wyatt Earp's biographer, chose to ignore the facts. Ford's Doc Holliday is a surgeon, from Boston no less, who dies at the end of the gunfight. Doc graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery on March 1st,not the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, an error mistakenly repeated by many authors.

Holliday's thesis was titled "Diseases of the Teeth. Philip Fitzgerald, the uncle-in-law of Robert Kennedy Holliday one of Doc's uncles was the great-grandfather of "Gone With the Wind" author Margaret Mitchell, but wait - it gets better.

Doc, like most of his male Holliday cousins, stood nearly 6 feet tall.

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Doc was fair-haired, a platinum blond so said Virgil's wife, Allie, upon meeting him for the first time, not dark-haired as most surviving and probably doctored photos show.

Wyatt described him as "long, lean and ash blond.Mar 17,  · With the Hufflepuff example, I would probably write a paragraph about loyalty, a paragraph about dedication, a paragraph about acceptance, and a paragraph acknowledging the opposing viewpoint, and my reader would know that just from the thesis alone.

May 18,  · Recently, I connected with dozens of corporate executives of large and small companies in an effort to understand the benefits of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the corporation. Sophocles’ Antigone - Antigone: The Theme of Family Loyalty. Essay on Sophocles' Antigone - Sophocles and Antigone - Sophocles and Antigone Sophocles is an ancient Greek writer and philosopher, who wrote one of the greatest stories of all time Antigone.

Get an answer for 'What is a strong thesis statement for the theme of loyalty in the play Macbeth?' and find homework help for other Macbeth questions at eNotes. A hotel mission statement should include some exceptional and memorable services it provides for the customers than its competitors do. Sophocles’ Antigone - Antigone: The Theme of Family Loyalty. Essay on Sophocles' Antigone - Sophocles and Antigone - Sophocles and Antigone Sophocles is an ancient Greek writer and philosopher, who wrote one of the greatest stories of all time Antigone.

Betrayal of Family Loyalty In the play Antigone, written by Greek playwright Sophocles, loyalty to family seems to be a recurring theme. We first see it when Antigone defies King Creon's order to keep her brother, Polynices, unburied as a punishment for his betrayal of their country Thebes.

Get an answer for 'What would be a good thesis statement for family and loyalty in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird?' and find homework help for other To Kill a Mockingbird questions at eNotes.

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