Whats your philosophy

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Whats your philosophy

In Whats your philosophy case of the former, I encourage the asker to work out for themselves what species they are holding by observing its key features then answer the question for themselves.

This may sound evasive, but its much more useful in the long run. Its also important that we take personal responsibility for what we put in our mouths. And besides all that…I may not know anyway. Occasionally they are wondering about the precise definitions like I am.

The inference is, I suppose, that mushrooms tend to be edible and toadstools tend to be poisonous. This is no use at all for the forager who has to deal in certainties. And besides, I think the cultural distinction in the UK is more subtle.

They are easy, we get them in the horse field. I hear this sort of thing quite regularly. The inference here is that species that grow in fields often with white caps and pink to chocolate coloured gills are safe and edible, but the odd, brightly coloured stuff in the woods may be edible but should be treated with extreme caution.

This is muddled thinking that will not only mean you miss out on the best edible species, but may give you a nasty tummy upset, land you in hospital, or worse. Take a look at these three pictures. One is edible and delicious, one will give you a nasty tummy upset, and one will probably kill you.

So which are toadstools and which are mushrooms? The answer is they are all both and neither… Left is the yellow stainer, which is unpleasantly poisonous, and virtually indistinguishable from horse and field mushrooms but for the yellow staining that occurs on its base when scuffed.

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Centre is a death cap amanita phalloides — the one in this picture would be enough to kill you. Read more about Death Caps… Right is a horse mushroom which is delicious — like an intense version of cultivated mushrooms with aromatic aniseed overtones.

If it is an edible species, prepare in accordance with guidelines and enjoy. And you would miss out on tasty oddities like these….Mar 27,  · "I can't think of a single time when we used a teaching philosophy to rule somebody out," says Brian Wilson, chairman of the department of comparative religion at Author: Gabriela Montell.

Generally, the terms ethics and morality are used interchangeably, although a few different communities (academic, legal, or religious, for example) will occasionally make a distinction. In fact, Britannica’s article on ethics considers the terms to be the same as moral philosophy.

While. Please share your philosophy in the comment section below. Also, if you wish to analyze mine and give me feedback, I would appreciate that, too.

Whats your philosophy

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